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Payment Options and Insurance

Payment Methods:

All Major Debit Cards*
 All major Credit Cards
Care Credit**

    *10% discount is offered if balance is paid in full at the time of service (Does not apply if you have a Membership plan)
**You can apply for a Care Credit card while you are in our office.  To apply, you must fill out an application and we will submit your information online.  We can generally have an answer for financing that day.


 We accept most insurance plans and we will file all claims on your behalf as a courtesy to you.
 You are responsible for your deductible and copay at the time of service.
We will submit pre-treatment estimates for major services and anything else that you request before work is completed.

 At the time of service, we estimate what your copay will be from your

 We do our best to estimate your portion correctly, there are times that
 payment is different than we expected.

 Your remaining balance after insurance pays is due immediately.

Billing/ Collections

 A finance charge of .83% per billing cycle (Max. 10% APR) is applied to any
 balance over 30 days.

We will do our best to contact you regarding overdue accounts. Courtesy
 phone calls and letters will be sent out to notify you of the situation.



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